So when I started playing games online originally I went by Armadillo because of how Quake was from Texas. While @ Sony PS I was using Prairiedog for a bit for consoles and then they just got smushed into Prairiedillo because NO ONE was using something weird that that. You'll see Prairiedillo on my stuff. I use Button Masher Games for Ebay. Here you can just call me John.

Who am I? I spent about 20+ years producing video games. I've been modding and tinkering since the 90's honestly but it's always off and on as life permits. My tinkering has led to three mechanical patents in video game controllers and once a quite large collection of arcades. I've built some weird and cool things like portable test rig where I could take it to check out a machine to see if it was monitor, board or something in between that was wrong. I know some way better technicians than me but i'm still not bad. I think I have a great understanding of what form factor matches the games you want to play. I think that this is a key principle of what we are trying to build and there needs to be a elegance and design aesthetic that we are shooting for. Youtube is just full of too many guys literally hacking something together. Sorry, real talk...

Milpitas CA, 95035

part of the collection

I thought I'd include just what we have to play with in the living room right now.

Many of my machines are actually projects and I'm also working on converting some of my actual arcade machines to JAMMAPI setups so that I can easily switch games. It just feels easier to run every MVS rom on a JAMMAPI in my 4 slot here, vs collect and swap out carts regularly.