I do offer some custom work and services. Some things have a blanket shop rate of $60/hr. I've been asked for years if I still do work on the Arcade Xmen Konami HSC but the are just so iffy if I can revive them that I ended up taking a wash on the work to re-cap it. EX.. If you need a SNK MVS board audio capped that will run you one hour and I'll eat the costs of the caps.

I can also build and configure a Rasberry Pi for you. Things like this are pretty easy.

Collectables Shelf

So I'm working on this Collectables shelf. I had to modify it to work with my Arcadegamefactory Marquees that I have installed on my machine.

I'm figuring out my options, parts and offerings.

I have my LED parts coming in but i'm thinking about offering it as standard and lighted.

It should be in the $30-40 range for the two options. It's not really a lot of money considering the work in doing this but no one in the US is currently offering it and it needs to work with a few different marquee options that I don't even have.

12" Screen Kit for the Arcade1up Countercade Gen1 $200

  • 12" monitor 4:3 aspect ration. HDMI VGA Composite input. W/ remote and AC adaptor

  • VESA mount board w/ hardware (screws washers)

  • acrylic top/front piece

  • black poster board (card stock) bezel hand cut for the monitor. hole punched for IR pickup.

  • white CP button adaptor kit. 3D printed

  • Side hole covers 3D printed

  • 2 x Control panel button cap screws (black 1/8" hex drive)

  • link to Youtube instructions on how to mount the monitor.

With this kit, I can either drop ship the monitor from my supplier or ship it from my inventory but there will be more in shipping. If I have it I will test it before shipping out and I can also pull out and extend the right channel speaker for you to wire up to your stock countercade speaker. You can do this yourself or just use the stock speakers in stereo. I thought it sounds fine. The A1Up sounds more clear and less muffled of course.

When these monitors are no longer available I revert this to a mount only kit and let you source your own monitors but I believe that there are a few that will work. I just have my selection because of the price, button location and IR placement.

The full kit ships in an USPS Large Priority flat rate box and is $20 shipping.

I just added an unboxing video so that you can see what's in the kit.

Arcade1Up Cosmetic Kit $6

  • Side hole covers 3D printed. You need to let me know of your color selection.

  • 4 x Control panel button cap screws (black 1/8" hex drive)

  • Shipping will be around $5

Arcade1up stock button conversion kit $10

So I didn't design this. I honestly got it off of Thingiverse and I claim no ownership of the files. I am just providing a low cost printing service for these. You get the button tops and the bottom holder. You use two stock buttons you removed from your cab. Or you can use the replacement buttons that came with the kit. Hopefully you have two spares. I have some loose ones if anyone needs some buttons as I upgraded to IL buttons on a SF cab. You also get the holder on the bottom. It's nicely designed as it uses the three stock screws for the PCB that was there previously. Most of the continental US is going to be $5 shipped in a bubble mailer. (I did adjust the price because it wasn't really worth my print time)